Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday (Funday)

I know this is a coupon and super saving blog,but what happens NEXT

Well that's what I use to call it.Not so mush this week, my husband is working all weekend and my Youngest is in Basic training ( woods of Georgia)and my oldest is staying at his girlfriends house most of the weekend ( she just had surgery). So my house is clean, which is a rare thing.all my chores are done..Now what?????
I'm okay if my husband home to entertain me, we do alot together, but on weekend or weeks where he gone for work..I get...!!! So here my question what do you do when the kids are gone...I have cooked,clean,shopped,laughed,play,enjoyed them for 20+ years......
People tell me to get a hobby ..Okay I live in the country so I really canned for the year, did my fall clean up...I even put our DVD in order..What hobbies do some of you have?

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