Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Identicollar in six colors for $10.00 includes shipping

An Identicollar - in six colors!Click here for great pet collars & more
Includes Shipping
$20 Retail

Identicollars are customized with lettered or numbered snaps that are easily applied to the collar with a simple push, so your pet's name and your contact information can be right on the collar without jingly, scratched-up tags. The collars are safe, durable and easy to assemble. Identicollars come in red, black, blue, purple, lime green and pink, so no matter what your pet's style preferences are, there's an Identicollar for him. Each collar comes with 95 snaps, letters and numbers, so you can spell whatever you'd like (see deal details for specific amounts of each character). The collars are easily assembled, plus the snaps won't fall off or snag and are guaranteed not to rust or break!!
How to choose a size: Measure snugly around your dog's neck and add two inches. Choose from the sizes available at checkout.

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